French Lick Indiana

Musings from the Heart Land

French Lick Indiana, located in beautiful and picturesque south central
Indiana has been a favorite retreat for many years. Probably most well
known as being the home of basketball great and Boston Celtics star
,Larry Bird , French Lick has a long and varied history.

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Originally a French trading post, it was built near a spring and a salt lick in
the early 1800’s. A fortified ranger post was established in 1811 and
the town was officially founded in 1857. Because of the sulphur springs
the town began being promoted as a spa town in the 1840s.

French Lick

French Lick

Rapidly gaining notoriety, the rich and famous began visiting for the health
benefits. In the early 1920’s a casino was built which attracted the
likes of Joe Louis, Irvin Berlin and Al Capone. It is a well know fact
that John Dillinger used it for a hide out during his reign of…

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